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  • From John Langford, ex Chair of TCS:
    'He never put this much effort in when he worked for me.'
  • From Frank Hutton's blog:
    'At worst, it's a great read with a masterful turn of phrase. At best, it actually has some insight without the sycophantic stuff you might find elsewhere in the pages (on and offline) of other 'reputable' sites. Thump into your favourites and remember why you got into this business.'

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November 25, 2008


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Jamie Leonard

Andy I think you may be missing the point here, it's in Vegas! I promise you, without any doubt in my mind, if I was in Vegas, I don’t care if the greatest piece of recruitment literature coupled with the most divine images since the Sistine Chapel were on display, you’d find me hitting 21 and tiltin’ back a few Miller Lites.

The reason they are probably so dead is because all he reps that have got their bosses to part with the ticket money are probably in the Bellagio playing craps.

That said if they held the PPMA Awards in Vegas next year it may liven in up a little.

The site looks like it's been made by a 9 year old on powerpoint.

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