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  • From John Langford, ex Chair of TCS:
    'He never put this much effort in when he worked for me.'
  • From Frank Hutton's blog:
    'At worst, it's a great read with a masterful turn of phrase. At best, it actually has some insight without the sycophantic stuff you might find elsewhere in the pages (on and offline) of other 'reputable' sites. Thump into your favourites and remember why you got into this business.'

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November 27, 2008


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Marco Bertozzi

An interesting article but one I would say encapsulates the norm rather than those agencies that have been in mobile for some time. At TMPW we have had a mobile partner in place for 18 months, we have carried out a range of mobile solutions in recruitment with the latest being a 2D barcode for one of our key partners who wanted to reach the kind of people who would understand the technology. I am pleased you think it is an important area, so do we, happy to talk you through some of the best of it.

Director of Media and Digital

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