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  • From John Langford, ex Chair of TCS:
    'He never put this much effort in when he worked for me.'
  • From Frank Hutton's blog:
    'At worst, it's a great read with a masterful turn of phrase. At best, it actually has some insight without the sycophantic stuff you might find elsewhere in the pages (on and offline) of other 'reputable' sites. Thump into your favourites and remember why you got into this business.'

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December 04, 2008


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Jamie Leonard

That can’t actually be genuine? I instantly want to hurt him. Proves a point though that video is a wonderful hiring tool but with bad content, it can be detrimental. I had an argument the other day with someone about recruitment videos and content over the shinny finish. I’d rather see someone use a camera phone if it gives me a good understanding of atmosphere, culture and mood.


I think you've missed the point on this one Andrew. This is not a foolish, and quite probably damaging, attempt by a multi-national company to 'Get down with the keeeads', but a a beautifully crafted Ricky Gervais/The Office homage.

Just like the famous BBC2 sitcom, this short, but perfectly written, script makes you physically cringe in your seat and yet you are unable to stop watching. Genius.

And let us not forget the star of the show, Jonathan Blank (or Ima Tossa as he's known in real life). Undoubtedly we'll be seeing a lot more of this talented actor and comedian next year. I for one would pay to see him live.

Capgemini have shown us the future of student comms. But maybe we shouldn't be too surprised about that - after all, they are a bunch of astrologers.


He thinks he's so cute and loveable. Fact is, every time he curls his lip in that sardonic way, I just want to bludgeon him.

The bit at 2m50 is gold, though: "Lenny is a special leader. He's also a natural leader..."

Jordan 8

I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially the pictures. Thanks.

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