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  • From John Langford, ex Chair of TCS:
    'He never put this much effort in when he worked for me.'
  • From Frank Hutton's blog:
    'At worst, it's a great read with a masterful turn of phrase. At best, it actually has some insight without the sycophantic stuff you might find elsewhere in the pages (on and offline) of other 'reputable' sites. Thump into your favourites and remember why you got into this business.'

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February 26, 2009


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Alex Hens

like the Friends tie-in - and, as so often is the case that I wonder whether this is now dull/appearing like I have an unhealthy attraction to you, agree.

I find working out "which ad looks best" is often seemingly so hard to get right with judging panels that I fear this new award will also get subverted or misunderstood. I guess what we need to hope for is that the right kind of activity shines out like a beacon the judges can't ignore - a beacon that rises above pure paper and stats based submissions.


Andrew Wilkinson

CRMAIPWTG is the first Google-whack I have come across for some time. Try it! (Do I win five pounds?)

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